About Ruth Harcort

Ruth was an actress, a teacher, a milner, a mentor, a sister and friend. She was a vital and active member of the local Arts Community until her passing in April of last year. She was also a founder of VOS Theatre (formerly Victorian Operetta Society). Her passion for all things creative was infectious and motivating. We started with the intention of doing one Gilbert and Sullivan production but it was so incredibly successful that we did another, and another, and here we are today 25 Seasons later still producing quality theatre with a focus on the aspects of community arts endeauvours that were important to Ruth: inclusion, ingenuity, generosity of spirit and commitment to the project and the team.

In her honour the Board of Directors of VOS Theatre has created the Ruth Harocort Memorial Scholarship. Each year at least one student in Northumberland County will be awarded $1000.00 to be used to offset the cost of post-secondary education. This student will be selected by our scholarship committee based on their application and an interview.

The Scholarship

The Scholarship will be awarded to a student from Northumberland County who is continuing their education at a post secondary institution. The Committee will select a candidate who has shown dedication to the arts (theatre, music, fine art) and exemplifies the characteristics that Ruth valued. Proof of enrollment in a post secondary institution must be presented to the Committee Chair prior to the presentation of the award.

How to Donate

Donations may be made by mailing a cheque to VOS THEATRE PO Box 274, Cobourg, ON K9A 4K8 (please mark memo line Ruth Harcort Scholarship). Please include your name and address and a receipt will be forwarded to you.

How to Apply

Download and print the file above. Follow the instructions in the application file.

The deadline for applications to be post-marked is May 22, 2018.

Previous Winners

2017 Scholarship Winner

The recipient of the 2017 Ruth Harcourt Memorial Scholarship is Stephanie Koomen.


2016 Scholarship Winner

The recipient of the 2016 Ruth Harcourt Memorial Scholarship is Noah Lefrancois. Noah has been involved with music and fascinated with musical instruments since he was in public school. He became a member of the Cobourg Concert Band in Grade 7 and was called upon by the west high school while he was still in public school to join their jazz band. He was also in his high school band.

But Noah did not win this scholarship because he plays 12 instruments (yes folks, 12!) and participated in a number of bands. He won it because he is an example of how involvement in the arts can enrich all aspects of your life and prepare you for the future.

Noah, who is attending McGill University in the fall to study physics will be playing for their football team The Redmen. He credits working with the Concert Band and learning leadership skills from section leaders for helping him to be a better football Captain. He told the selection committee that in working with these musicians taught him life skills he is able to apply because he was treated as a peer. His involvement made him a better section leader in his high school bands, on a better captain n the football field and a more relaxed human because he had music in his life which became not only a creative outlet but a stress-free way in which to express himself.

Noah Lefrancois is an athlete, an exceptional student and a musician who believes in sharing his love and knowledge of music so that it can benefit others. He believes in mentoring the way he was mentored himself. He displayed and communicated commitment, ingenuity, generosity of spirit and VOS is proud to award him with the Ruth Harcort Scholarship.

2015 Scholarship Winner

The winner of the 1st Annual Ruth Harcort Scholarship is Michelle Clark. Michelle is a graduate of the I.B. program at Cobourg Collegiate and has been involved in dance at the Premier Dance Studio for several years. Her hard work and dedication to her craft was reflected so well in her application and interview. In her final year, as part of her requirement for the I.B. program, Michelle shared her love of dance with students in a special needs program at her school. She described the response of one of the students to the dance program and we could all sense the ghost of Ruth leaning over Michelle’s shoulder and saying to her well done. The arts should be shared and enjoyed by all but this can only be accomplished when taught by someone who loves her craft deeply.