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February 2015

Hats Off

Hats Off - A Gilbert & Sullivan Revue

February 13-14 2015

In Support of the Ruth Harcort Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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March 2015

Willow Quartet

Willow Quartet - by Joan Burrows

Part of the VOS Play Reading Series with Bea Quarrie and Friends.

March 28/2015 - Citizen's Forum - Victoria Hall

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May 2015

Willow Quartet

Lenin's Embalmers - by Vern Thiessen

Part of the VOS Play Reading Series with Bea Quarrie and Friends.

May 23/2015 - Citizen's Forum - Victoria Hall

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VOS Blog

Rehearsing for Hats Off!

Jan 18/2015

The cast of Hats Off! are rehearsing diligently with Pianist Susan Tanner.  Don’t miss you chance to hear your favourite …

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Bob Clark – A Man Who Wears Many Hats

Jan 15/2015

VOS: You’ve been the resident lights and sound designer for VOS THEATRE for many years but you wear two hats. …

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Hats Off! to Keith Pickett – VOS Theatre’s Patter Song Pro!

Jan 04/2015

VOS THEATRE will present Hats Off! February 13 and 14 at Victoria Hall in Cobourg. The Gilbert and Sullivan revue …

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Trillium Foundation

Trillium Foundation

VOS Theatre was proud to receive an Ontario Trilliun Foundation Grant this past year. The grant funds have helped us purchase and use new technical equipment.

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Northumberland has a reputation for fine hospitality, good food and great theatre entertainment. It's a reputation that's growing as word gets out about the many welcoming and comfortable accommodations where visitors can rest their heads after the show.

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