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June is a busy month… even when we aren’t producing a show

May 28/2021

June is a busy month for VOS Theatre. This June when all has changed a few things remain the same. We continue to be dedicated to providing students with scholarships that can be used to reduce the expense of higher education. We provide 1 scholarship for $500 to each of 4 High Schools in Northumberland … Continue reading June is a busy month… even when we aren’t producing a show


Coldest Month… Warmest feelings.

Feb 10/2021

Here we are in February: the coldest month, still in lockdown and vaccines, for most, still months away. Not a lot to be happy about. But one thing we can feel good about is giving to local groups that need help, especially this time of year. The VOS’s Community Centre Stage fund has been active … Continue reading Coldest Month… Warmest feelings.


Putting the Kids Centre Stage in December

Dec 08/2020

VOS THEATRE’s December contribution was a lot of fun to source. We chose the Salvation Army Toy Drive as our Community cause this month because joy on the face of a child is a gift to us all (and we wanted to test out all the cool new fun things on the shelves). Board Member … Continue reading Putting the Kids Centre Stage in December

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