April 2018


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Samantha Clark & J.P. Baldwin on the Role of Women in Guys and Dolls and Cheesecake!

Apr 18/2018

  VOS THEATRE sat down to have a conversation with J.P. Baldwin (Sky Masterson) and Samantha Clark (Sister Sarah) about working in 2018 on a show that premiered on Broadway in the 50’s. VOS THEATRE: Guys and Dolls has been called “the perfect musical comedy” . It ran for 1200 performances on Broadway in 1950, … Continue reading "Samantha Clark & J.P. Baldwin on the Role of Women in Guys and Dolls and Cheesecake!"


Guys and Dolls Opens Thursday!

Apr 13/2018

It’s lush, it’s fun, it’s a classic! VOS THEATRE’s Guys and Dolls Opens Thursday!   The VOS Theatre production of Guys & Dolls opens April 19th and runs until April 28th Call the box office for tickets 905-372-2210 Or Book Online Now  


Meet the General!

Apr 05/2018

Carlotta Rutledge is “the General” in VOS THEATRE’s upcoming production of  Guys and Dolls VOS THEATRE: Hey it’s been great to meet you and have the opportunity to get to know you. Tell us all things Carlotta. We know you’re a director, an actress, a costume designer………tell us more! Carlotta:  Well let me see. I was … Continue reading "Meet the General!"

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