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February 2015

Hats Off

Hats Off - A Gilbert & Sullivan Revue

February 13-14 2015

In Support of the Ruth Harcort Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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Christmas in the Forum – Now in the Concert Hall

Dec 09/2014

Due to popular demand for tickets to this event, Christmas in the Forum has been moved into the Concert Hall at …

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Photos from the 2014 VOS Production of White Christmas

Nov 07/2014

Here are few photos from the 2014 VOS Production of White Christmas. Click on each photo to view a larger …

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White Christmas Director Steve Russell & Co-Producer Florence Fletcher

Nov 07/2014

What would a show be without a team to make it all happen?  Helping to lead the VOS White Christmas …

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Trillium Foundation

Trillium Foundation

VOS Theatre was proud to receive an Ontario Trilliun Foundation Grant this past year. The grant funds have helped us purchase and use new technical equipment.

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Northumberland's eclectic shopping and cuisine experiences are sure to be a highlight of any visit. http://www.northumberlandtourism.com/en/shoppingcuisine/shopping_cuisine.asp


Northumberland has a reputation for fine hospitality and good food. It's a reputation that's growing as word gets out about the many welcoming and comfortable accommodations where visitors can rest their heads after a busy day exploring the county. Whether you're looking for a retreat or a rustic lakeside cabin, Northumberland has something to satisfy your every mood and desire.

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